Tuesday, April 6, 2021

How Industrias Santa Coloma are now becoming the more superior Catalan Futsal side

Industrias Santa Coloma participated in a thrilling Catalan derby against FC Barcelona where they triumphed 3-2 in their newly renovated pavilion on Sunday.

It has been a rivalry spanning for decades as two of the oldest Spanish futsal clubs faced off in an intense matchup where we astonishingly saw the Catalan underdogs sweep past their renowned opponents.

The occurrence of taking all three points against Barça was a relief and sparked euphoria around the club. This was especially as they clinched the tie in the last minute as Santa Coloma player Cardona finished off a scintillating pattern of play by turning quickly and shooting firmly into the goal.

They also have accomplished the feat of taking maximum points from Barça over their two league matches.

This derby is extremely precious in Catalan futsal hearts as players often reminisce the importance to both of the clubs from past experiences. The Catalonia sides have shared players over the years.

"A derby is always special, but this one is even more so", Barça player Adolfo admitted. "I became a footballer at the Pavelló Nou, I feel from head to toe in Colome, I live 5 minutes from the venue and I am very excited to be able to participate of this important event for Industries and for the city of Santa Coloma ", he says. "Once the ball rolls all this no longer counts, a very complicated commitment awaits us and we will have to make a match 10 to win ”, he warned before the contest.

Barça have consistently obliterated the European scene of futsal and have ultimately made their Catalan neighbours look the more inferior side. An incessant success has developed as they hold 7 Copa del Reys and 3 of the distinguished UEFA Futsal Champions League titles.

However, the inevitable deterioration of achievements has sprang upon the giants this term, evident from their dismal 6-1 loss to now overall more decorated Spanish team Inter Movistar in the Copa de España final. Also, their double loss to arch nemesis is one to forget.

Consisting of formerly Barça players like number 2 goalkeeper Miguel Feixas, they embarrassingly lost to the more formidable side on both match days.

The stature and prominence of Barça was not reflected by these performances which were depleted by the outstanding Santa Coloma. A top tier side, who have only won LNFS once which came in the 1992/1993 campaign, have decisively beaten their millionaire rivals.

Prior to the match coach Javi Rodriguez outlined the significance of newly introduced fans (Santa Coloma fans have been absent for almost two years due to the stadium reform). This plan was a bid to establish Industrias Santa Coloma, to compete for titles in the First Division.

“We go back to our origins, start over, say again 'I'm at home'. I made my debut here at the age of 18 as a player, and now at 47 I am going tot make my debut as a coach in this new pavilion, remodelled, beautiful, but at the same time magical, such as the Santa Coloma pavilion ", said Javi Rodríguez. "It always gives much more prestige to inaugurate the remodeling of the pavilion against Barça, and it also gives much more prestige to win that match."

A side that inaugurated Spanish and European futsal has been reduced to a mid-table team throughout its existence but a step forward to challenge their Catalan rivals is the priority and they look in prime position to rise to the top again.

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